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Landscaping Tips for 2017: Simple and Easy

Is the small space on the side of your house bothering you? And now this unusable space is taking a lot more space than before. You wanted to remove that whole thing from the spot and replace it with a sitting area for your convenience. You also notice that the side of your house gets good sun later in the afternoon. You might be thinking that is good. Removing the grass, prepping it, fertilizing it, and creating a green area with some sod is the plan. Then you have the problem of the fence. The wonderful backdrop on the fence with different plants fit for your mini-garden will be great with sun rays. And all of these thinking are about your first landscaping concept.

The very first step is to remove all the clutter and everything that is on the way for clearing the site out. Then make sure to take the bricks, the stones, and old chairs out and away from the site. Take them all out and get them out of the landscaping area. Removed the plants from the raised bed using a transplanting shovel. The plants you removed can be use later for the finishing touch. Flatten the bed properly with your rake. This will give you a wonderful space for designing your lawn.

Use the transplant shovel to grub out the scattered grasses in the area. The roots may be easily removed even if it is compact. Patiently dig down and turn the soil over, making room for roots and other plants to grow. To amend the soil, add an inch or two with local compost. Spread it over the top and till it with your shovel. And to make that sitting area, you are going to use the pea gravel. Accommodating the sitting area needs 2-3 inches of digging. The fabric will separate the stones from the dirt underneath. Dump all the pea gravel over the fabric that is spread out over the dug surface.
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Adding small plants in your garden will amplify your style. Spiraea plants are perfect for adding decoration to the corners of your garden. Choose tall plants so that the growth is going upwards like the Japanese Red Maple. For small spaces and adding a cent of drama, use the Weeping Norway Spruce. Doing landscaping and garden design is worth your time. It is best to get professional help if you want everything to look nice and cool. The landscaping business will not be successful without professionals like the Pinecrest Landscaping.Why People Think Experts Are A Good Idea